Nostalgic Gaming: Blade Runner


I recently came across an old PC game based on the movie Blade Runner and the books it’s adapted from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The game is a side story to both (somehow) it’s taking place at the same time as those stories, it’s not linked but there are cameos. It’s a story set in the Blade Runner universe, which is an idea I like. I’ve always wanted to see more stories told in this universe and this is a good one.

The game is a lot of fun, you play as Blade Runner Ray McCoy, investigating an atrocious animal murder, if you’ve read the book then you know in this universe animal murder is about the worst thing you can do. You follows the clues and you end up finding a group that may be Replicants, lead by a poetry spouting sometimes sympathetic bad guy and a police conspiracy. It’s a fun romp and the game gives you an amazing level of choice and follows that up with 13 different endings.

The look of the game is extremely cinematic, there’s no subtitles or HUD. This is something I really had to get used to as I always put subtitles on for games. The lack of a HUD is fine as due to the nature of the game you don’t need a health bar or inventory or map. It’s a point and click adventure so certain adventure game elements weren’t needed.

On that nature of the game, you play a detective on a case. It’s almost like Sherlock Holmes mixed with Blade Runner. You are given areas to go to and you use your cursor/your eye to scan the environment, you search for clues, be it a piece of paper or food wrapper. These are used later to link people and locations like a real police investigation. If you’ve seen the movie you know of the 3D photo scanner. Put simply you can scan a photo in three dimensions for clues, this is from photos and camera footage, each photo has many clues for you.

It’s actually quite fun AND frustrating to search for clues, find a meaning then link it to something or someone. It’s unforgiving with its difficulty, if you miss a clue the game won’t proceed, and it doesn’t say what you’ve missed you just have to search and find something. The same goes for subtitles, you need to listen be interpret for yourself. It’s a welcome change and a nice reminder of how things used to be, this game today would have a HUD and on scren prompts, a goals menu saying what to do next. Your hand isn’t being held.

Playing deceive is great, the NPC interaction is on a schedule and random so it can be quite annoying to find certain people at certain times and I had to restart.

I would recommend this if you’re looking to go back to the old day of adaptions, they went all out to recreate LA 2019, and overloaded the game with references and cameos, for someone like me who adore that movie it’s a bargain.


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